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Collaborator: Tan Nguyen
Phim is a company which focuses on an assortment of accessories for instant film cameras. Instant film cameras, just like many technologies from the 90s, has been coming back in popularity over recent years. The “instant” concept of these type of cameras fit right in with todays expectation of seeing photographs instantly after they’ve been taken. For this particular project, we have created a line of products as well as an identity for Phim. We debuted physical filters which lets everyone have the freedom to customize their photos in however way they want to. Think of it as Snapchat / Instagram filters, but for physical, analog cameras.



For visual look and feel of the project, we did a good amount of research on international typography style as well as 60s american packaging design. We also looked at brands that are successfully use typography as a big part of their branding such as vintage MAXELL, Scotch, MUJI, vintage SANSBURY'S and No Name Brand.


We chose Neue Haas Grotesk for its various weights and styles. The Text styles have taller x-height while the Display styles have tight spacing and slight weight adjustment for larger sizes. It's legible but also very playful.

First testing sample

FujiFilm Mini Filter

We don’t want to be another company that contribute to tons and tons of garbage every year. We use biodegradable materials for our products and and vegetable based ink for our packaging. We always encourage everyone to recyle filters and help us save the environment.

Polaroid Filter

After many rounds of user testing, we have developed an easy to use shape specifically made for polaroid cartridge. Just slide it in and take photos. It's that easy.


We offer 2 kind of filters for our customers. One is designed by us and the other is designed by our customers. We want to be able to let the customer have the creative control over what they want on their filters. At the same time we offer a variety of designs that we think everyone would love.

Phim. filters packaging

Customize filters packaging

User Manual

Our user manual is short, simple and straight forward zine with tips and tricks to take good photos.

Photography style

We want to be able to convey the message of nostalgia as well as modern into our brand, which is why we want our photos to be uplifting, minimal, candid, nostalgic as well as instant.


We want to be able to pull out the good aspect of the term instant, which has a some negative connotation to it. Some of our campaign tag lines are “instant but lasting.” “instant but personal.” “instant but remarkable.” Words like lasting, remarkable, personal don’t always go together with something that is “instant”, but with our products, it’s possible.

VSSG's TET PARTY photobooth
CLICK HERE for a full album

CLICK HERE for a full album

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