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Seattle Erotic Film Festival is an annual film festival that celebrates the art of erotic cinema while inspiring audiences to remove taboos when talking about sex. The festival spans all styles and genres, in short and featured films. This year, the theme is Lust for Love.


Thermal colors give a strong visual that tight in with the theme of the festival. Futura and Helvetica Neue was chosen for the typography to convey very bold, expressive feelings.


The colors from thermal effect will grab your initial, but as you look closer, you will start to understand the visual.

Print ads



I created some merchandise that go with the theme of the festival. Lubricant, undies, condom along with other items added playfulness to the festival.

Guerilla Marketing

I want to create something fun, unexpected and interactive for marketing. There will be blank screens that link with sensor devices place around city, when people walk pass, the screen will show their thermal map, and random quote saying "You are so hot", "You are spicy", "How hot are you?" etc. Along with a small url or the festival info at the bottom. I'm working with my friend, Chuan Li Chang, an amazing programmer, to make it happens in real life with Kinect. Stay tuned!