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Vietnamese Street Style Group (VSSG) is the original Vietnamese fashion group for everyone worldwide. As of January 2018, each of their social media channels (Facebook groups and Instagram) has over 170,000 members with an exception of a marketplace with well over 200,000 members. Their mission is to create a platform where everyone has the right to express their individuality and not be judged based on their styles/economic status. VSSG has operated for more than 3 years without a website. They needed a place to showcase their work as well as an official bio to show a broader audience what they are about. They wanted their brand to reach more people than before.

Homepage // Mood section

When I sat down with the client, they said they wanted a page that could convey their aesthetic to their large number of fans/followers, a place for people who visit the website to feel inspired. Mood section was born on that idea.


The about section covers VSSG’s history, its present as well as what it stands for. The text are big and bold which can be read and comprehended easily. One of the unique thing about this page is it has 2 languages (English and Vietnamese) which speaks to the majority of audience.


The collections page is like a visual portfolio to them. My client wanted to be able to quickly have their different collections organized and easy to get access to.


Featured section will take everyone to their instagram, a place where people would get featured on daily.


Press section is dedicated to all the media coverage that VSSG has ever gotten.


Contact section is a virtual business card. It’s minimal, easy to read and straight forward.


I wanted to do something unconventional and fun at the same time for the 404-error page. I wanted everyone who visit this error page to feel like they are in danger in a funny way. The LỖI (means error) word is huge, the background is all red and the number 404 is running every where on screen.

First week performance

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